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Nicole's Wedding Makeup Picks

We met Nicole during a site visit to Turks and Caicos. She was scouting beaches and various properties to have her 2018 spring wedding. With all that comes with planning a destination wedding in Turks and Caicos and the many decisions that have to be made, Nicole was sure about one thing, her makeup.

Well sorta, she had narrowed it down to three.

Wedding Makeup Options Narrowed Down

For hair, Nicole chose an intricate half up hair do.

Tighter or more lose on pony

Which do you prefer? Lose or tight.

Although we have two eyes, eye-shadow colour must match. You may like them all but you can only chose one look.

Is it look #1

bridal makeup look

Is it look #2

wedding makeup look

Is it look #3

turks and caicos beach wedding makeup

Nicole chose look #2

Shore Club on long bay beach bride

With hair and makeup decisions made, we just have to wait for the date.

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